Back to school season is finally upon us! Wow, it’s August already. Kids are officially going back to school so there will be more parents and vehicles on the road. So as we get ready to hit those carpool lanes, let’s keep in mind that the commute will be longer and we’ll be putting more wear and tear on our vehicles. From planning to car acre, here are a few checklists to keep you and the little ones safe on the road!


Check fluid levels the following areas:

Engine oil


Transmission fluid

Brake fluid

Power steering fluid

Battery fluid

Windshield washer fluid

Take a look at your Tires:

Look for uneven tread wear, which could mean that it’s time for a wheel alignment. Use the penny test to ensure enough tread is left on each tire. Do a visual check to be sure that there are no nails in your tire(s) or other potential hazards. Check tire pressure because it is important to maintain proper levels. You can check the psi within your owner’s manual. It should be noted that a tire with a low psi can not only be dangerous, but can put a serious dent in your fuel economy, potentially causing you to pay more at the gas station. With all the driving to and from school, you don’t want that to be an issue. There are many free air pumps and tire gauges at various local gas stations. Also, maintain your spare tire, you just might need it one day. It is usually located inside the trunk!

Light Check:

Turn on the Lights


Turn signals

Park lights

Brake lights

Hazard lights

Battery Check:

The average car battery can last between 2-6 years. It is always great to do a check as you wouldn’t want to be rushing or running late to get the kids to school, only to find that your car won’t start.

Helpful Items Inside Your Vehicle:

Always keep an emergency kit in your car that includes first-aid essentials, a flashlight, blanket, jumper cables, a jack and anything else you think you would need should you ever become stranded.


Now that you’ve checked your car, it’s time to plan your route. Finding the best routes can make your life so much easier. With new technology, a navigation app such as WAZE can be super helpful. You cam input your destination the night before and add your preferred arrival time. The app will alert you in the morning based upon real time traffic conditions. If you are unsure, you could always test the route beforehand.

We hope that these tips were helpful and that you and your family will remain safe on the roads during this back to school season. If you run these checks and find that you need service, we have some amazing service specials as well as new and used inventory if you should need a bigger vehicle for the little ones. Have a great school year!

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