Honda Express Service

Express Service at Hare Honda

Hare Honda is proud to offer its Honda customers in Avon and the surrounding communities, Honda Express Service. The Honda Express Service is designed to ensure you have the best service possible when you visit Hare Honda. This service creates a more streamlined process for customers who wait while their vehicle is serviced.

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Express Service is most common on Honda Minor and Honda Intermediate service.

The Hare Honda Express Service works so well because of the integration between the people who repair and maintain your Honda, the Genuine Honda Parts that are used and the highly-specialized tools and equipment. State of the art Honda service lifts and trained Honda technicians work together to ensure you have a quick but professional Honda service experience.

Don't worry, Hare Honda's Express Service doesn't cost anymore than regular service, however you will need to wait on your vehicle. But it takes so much less time, there's no reason not to. Stop by Hare Honda and try out the Express Service.