Are you interested in improving your environment? Are you one of those people who recycles everything and or looks for ways to live more environmentally friendly? Well did you know that you can do your due diligence with your vehicle as well? We ll your team and family at Hare Honda has compiled a short list of things you can do to go green and decrease your carbon footprint as it relates to your car.

1.     An easy start is to Drive a Hybrid Car, such as the fun and stylish Honda Fit or HondaClarity, which has a low environmental impact. Not only are they affordable, but they run cleaner and will provide you will better fuel economy and mileage overall. A hybrid car will emit lower carbon dioxide levels and exhaust into the air and use less gas as well.

2.     It is always best to properly maintain your vehicle, no matter the age of your car. If your car is not already green, take steps to Make Your Car Eco-Friendly as possible by doing the following:

- Replace your filters to improve performance and save fuel.

- Get a tune up and or replace your spark plugs because they waste fuel when they are dirty.

- Check your A/C and cooling system as they can decrease fuel efficiency as well if they go unchecked.

- Be sure that your tires have the correct amount of pressure. Depending on the weather, you may have low pressure or you can have too much, which will negatively affect your gas mileage. Tire pressure should be checked at least once a month or of course more often if you notice your light is on.

- Gas-up Wisely! When you are at the gas station, be sure to inspect your gas cap. A loose or broken cap will let your much needed gas escape into the environment. Additionally, you will want to stop filling the tank when the nozzle shuts off. If you continue to add gas, this will also let gas vapors seep into the environment.

3.     Drive Safely and Intelligently and you will preserve fuel economy. You can do this by combining errands, which uses less gas. You can avoid sudden stops, utilize cruise control and drive the speed limit. Be sure to keep your car clean, especially your trunk. Heavy items can weigh your car down and that can cause an increase in gas usage.

4.     You should also Recycle the containers from your oil changes, batteries and fluids should be disposed of properly.

As always, you should follow the vehicle service manual and this will help you to remain as environmentally friendly as possible because your car will be running to its fullest potential. It also helps to maintain good fuel economy which will reduce emissions and smog and save you money on gas as well. We have outlined just a few preventative measures you can put into place to have a greener car. We all hope to reduce our overall carbon footprint and wish you luck as well. Have questions about our hybrid vehicles? Give us a call at (317) 548-3555.

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